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Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Updated: Mar 8

  • Meet the qualifications: To become a real estate agent, you typically need to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent. Additionally, you will need to complete a certain number of education hours and pass a real estate licensing exam. Specific requirements vary by state.

  • Complete prelicensing education: Most states require new agents to complete a certain number of hours of prelicensing education, which covers topics such as real estate principles, laws, and ethics. This education can be completed in a classroom or online.

  • Pass the licensing exam: After completing the prelicensing education, you will need to pass a licensing exam. The exam will cover the material covered in the prelicensing education, and will test your knowledge of real estate principles, laws, and ethics.

  • Apply for a license: Once you have passed the licensing exam, you can apply for a real estate license with the state. You will need to submit an application, pay any required fees, and provide proof of passing the licensing exam.

  • Find a broker: After you have your license, you will need to find a broker to work with. Brokers are licensed real estate professionals who can provide guidance, support, and access to resources. Some agents choose to work independently, while others prefer to work with a team.

  • Continuing education: Most states require agents to complete continuing education to keep their license active, so agents must make sure to stay updated with the latest laws and regulations.

  • Networking and building a client base: Once licensed, agents can start building their client base by networking and marketing themselves to potential clients. This can include developing a personal website, using social media, and joining local real estate associations.

It's important to note that the requirements to become a real estate agent can vary depending on the state. It's essential to research the specific requirements for your state and consult with experts before making any decision.

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